Pay On-Demand, Per Minute

Using AWS Serverless technology on the front end and unlimited ephemeral clusters on the backend. You only pay for what you use. 

Control Access & Budgets

With user access and budgetary controls. Now you can control your cloud spend on a per user or per project basis. 

Full Cloud Automation

Remove any human error or inefficiences with optimized and tested templates. We know how to build a redundant, scalable, secure cluster so you don’t have to. 

No Admin required

Simply provide your users with a username, password and budget and they are self sufficient. Engineers and scientists only need to focus on getting their answers.  

The Main Features

Fluid HPC removes the complexity of cluster and scheduler management by providing automated on-demand infrastructure that scales for each job and shrinks to a zero footprint environment. You just add users, give them a budget and let them build, test, grow and solve problems. 

Unlimited Cloud Resources
Pay only for what is used
Focus on getting Answers
Automatically Scaling and Shrinking Clusters
No Scheduler required 
No Terminal or SSH required 

Contact us

We have recently opened up our preview of Fluid HPC to a few select customers. If you are interested in learning more, fill out the contact form below.